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Track Name: Slice of Life
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: A Slice of Life
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I came into this game wanting more fame than Puff
Then I realized Puff fame ain't enough
Cuz after all the models cumming to sip and swallow
I'll still be just as hollow as the bottles that they drunk
Room smelling like a skunk, mom saying clean it
doesn't know I'm weeded most days in the month
It ain't like I'm feindin, I just feel I need it
But one day ima leave it though I'm not in any rush
except the one it gives me, never liked being tipsy
We fighting if you diss me but you niggas couldnt hit me
beat me or defeat me cuz I moving just like Sweet Pea
and speaking so uniquely over instrumentals CDs
This goes out to Didi, Young Kerv and Dimi
My brothers in the struggle, know I love u, if u need me
ya know how to reach me better than the ones who teach me
Sorry I meant taught me, cuz I preferred to teach me
Couldn't pay tuition, cost of living started building
and I couldn't get assistance cuz my credit scored too poorly
So I left college shortly and I crept right out the cave
Shattered all the shackles, made the shadows run away
Now the truths apparent, I do this for my parents
who all my life worked at night just so we can manage
Roaches on the floor when I crept in after dawn,
mice moving back and forth in the ceiling, I can hear em'
Track Name: Tool Up
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Tool Up feat. Judge1
Typed by: DP

Live on set, live when I’m in the deck
Push power, flex…cuz we’re coming next
Jewels buried deep, marked with an X
Unearthed the hot Sh*t, y’all ain’t ready yet
My flames scorch the surface & burn with purpose
So f*ck who you earn with, spit some words, kid
Globe-trot bangin’ beats, you pop & lock and still claim U street… please stop
Team stomps, with no breaks, it’s straight business
And the base hits, shaking, move buildings
Guard your heart, guard women & children
The effect high, the best at word-dealing
I Hulk-crush you with this mind-muscle
Dark Prince rolls… Dizz tracks cut you
Get a little taste of some fine seasons
You lifted… trippin’ like you’re dreamin’
Reality is where that beast comes in
I’m schemin’ on life, tool up if you’re nice
Blinded by the lights, but it don’t sound right
Man, MUSIC…it don’t take Sh*t to do it
My mind and pen…be the blueprint..

[Dark Prince]
I think about a slaughter when I think about the game
I think about the horror but I think about the fame
I think about the pain, I feel it's made to order
I try to move beyond it, I just wanna wade
in the water ona different echelon or plane
Aloft, I'm off, to terrorize your train, of thought
at costs that jeopardize your name
Ill bash you niggas in
Blast you niggas thin
I run around amazed at the fact you niggas spit
But I don't get enraged I just craft some iller hits
My minds a syndicate of crime that's literate
and I don't think the words you shout
that be coming out ya mouth really hold some clout
Folk tales of ya coke sales, lying bout
ya chrome wheels or your hoe tales
in them hotels
then your hoe tells the world, now she's famous
Unless you put a gag on her mouth just like Ye' did
Too many gay actors rapping and shit
Ya hits flake cuz ya spit fake, acting and shit
Wild guess here,
you call me when you grow some fucking chest hair
I'm something like Michael, you can pick anyone
I'm sorry but ya moneys young and I don't fuck wit jail bait
You mimic what you think is fun a gimmick with a fanbase
I'll kick you til you're pissing blood and
punch you til my hand breaks
Uh, I'm something like Ray
Robinson I'm dominant and knocking out my prey
Honestly I'm ominous I hide above the stage
Phantom of the opera throwing tantrums on the page
Seek asylum in the beat, let the world see that I'm sane.
Track Name: Replay
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Replay
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
The night is cold and I'm so all alone
Sitting in my home, staring at my microphone
Thinking of the throne and the fact that its vacant
If only I can make it, ill be the King's replacement (Dark Prince)
Am I too old to give the game some new prose?
Am I too bright to knock out just a few lights?
Just gimme 5 mics, I'm breaking out this hive like
Flow like a butterfly, sting like I'm Lonnie Lynn
Bring ya favorite rapper to my ring and ill body him
and snatch his mic with his hand still holding it
Grab him by his throat and pinch then just dispose of him
"The golden child closed them in wit more style then them older men"(NaS)
Think up a strategy to challenge me, ill happily
tie both my hands behind my back blindfolded & just rap for weeks
And let the bars rape him, ill let Allah take him
I'm just a czar taking a shit on the throne, waiting

[Dark Prince]
But I'm not trynna battle, ill give ya fill of cattle
on this album but for now I'm trynna bring us outward
I sit and ponder and think that were goners
if these young kids with dumb hits fill up our genre
No sense of honor or fear of karma
Get low off marijuana then try to harm ya
The games full of clowns with fake smiles and black faces
A bunch of coons and buffoons who act on rap stages
They brought their soul to the devil and used it as a payment
I brought my soul to a temple and begged the Lord to save it
And now the flow is sacred, I'm ready to show my greatness
But I ain't getting on my knees to fucking blow to make it
I'll stick my sword thru my feet to stand for my beliefs
and if I meet defeat ill grit my teeth and just prepare to face it
Cuz I dont know what fate is I just know I can't escape it
So I guess ill just embrace it cuz I know the fans will play this

[Dark Prince]
Each day MCs make the same songs over
It hurts to hear, I fear they taking our culture
in a direction that wasnt destined by our elders
cuz i distinctly remember when Preme was on
When Doug was Fresh and Run DMC was strong
the seamless bond between soul and beat is lost
Swapped for greed to feed Mcs at costs
that auction off their souls for a piece and watch
Chained by the flow, which only promotes the pain
constrained by the flow, cuz all of the corporate lames
The fames overrated I negate it chose to walk
the path of pride to try and resurrect hip-hop
So let my shit knock nigga, and put it on Replay
Track Name: Lover Lover
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Lover Lover feat Amelia Ali
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
Lover lover can I be the one you call
when you're tweaking and you're fiendin
and ure gong thru withdrawal?
Cuz when I'm in those draws alls right in your universe
I can see it in your stars, this big bangs what you truly thirst
I know it usually hurts, I'm fucking with ya heart
We were troubled from the start cuz I was acting so unruly first
I swear I'm cruelly cursed cuz love doesn't love me
And all the women perfect for me never seem to want me
But let's have it, if its too much we'll cap it
If its hubris you'll gag it, if its humorous I'll laugh it
Cuz I just wanna be the one you comfort under covers cuz I (love ya)...

Lover lover can I be the place you go to
when the world is trynna mold u but ure trynna find the old u?
Our love is so vintage
cuz when we in the sack, you would always throw it back
like a bunch of brides grinning
I take my time with it when I hit my stride in it
I can see your eyes twitching when I put my spine in it
A little wine sipping when we feel the highs slipping
then I breach your mind sifting thru debris wishing
I could find a little bit of love there
Lover can we run where
the wild things are and have a little bit of lunch there?
Cuz I just have a hunch there's
a chance we'll have some fun there cuz I (love ya)...

Lover lover can I be the one you write
when ure shaking through the night & ure aching for my pipe
Despite the greener grass ill never leave ya ass
without any seteva cuz that just would be too rash
I'm taking you to heights the Wright brothers couldn't sight
cuz you know I'm so wrong for ya...
Track Name: In The Zone
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: In The Zone
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I can be aggressive like Artest is when im stressin
Ill punch a nigga in the face until I get ejected
I'm sick and tired of this place Im looking for the exit
cuz depression feels like outer space and it seems so endless
It feels like Im drowning and I don’t think I'll make it
Til God passes me the cup but I don’t wanna take it
Cuz life is so abrasive that the pain becomes invasive
& the moment that you own it ure controlled & can't escape it
I wanna roam, but I ain't trynna pay for it
I'm in a zone, trynna find my way forward

I know ya probably out there wondering where's Vladimir
But he's ok, he's just on another stratosphere
So if you hit him on his phone and you get a dial tone
Don't worry, he's just chilling in his zone

Im in the zone homie leave me alone
and if you see me or you meet me nigga greet me and go
I'm too uneasy, if you need me you can reach at home
Cuz when I be up in the zone Im defensive and cold
Uh, yea, I'm defensive and cold
cuz when I be up in the zone I'm defensive and cold

[Dark Prince]
I can't even keep a 9-5 before I lose it in a day or two
or keep a girl cuz I always gotta chase a few
Plus I'm hooked on weed so I gotta cop an eighth or two
and take a few hits after work when my day is thru
Can't fight this feeling cuz I seem to always lose
And anytime I'm willing I succumb to the abuse
It feels like there's a noose, surrounding my emotions
Pulling tighter til I'm choking and my heart is black and blues
I'm on a cold train (Coltrane) to work, unaware
of where my life's going, listening to John Mayer
Sick and tired of despair and my unanswered prayers
Trying hard not to fail but I can't control the fear
And all these 9-5s have me breaking out in hives
cuz I only got a life so I gotta do it right
I think of all my plight and how I really wanna make it
I'm hoping that this microphone can put my stars adjacent
to one another, I don't wanna be up in the basement
of my mother's house, like a slouch, waiting & complacent
I wanna roam, but I ain't trynna pay for it
I'm in a zone, trynna find my way forward



[Dark Prince]
Set adrift on memories of bliss
as I sit and reminisce on the chicks I used to kiss
most of them I tricked til I kicked them to the curb
even though I gave my word that we’d never ever split
Now I’m on the brink of insanity and think
that the man in me is shit cuz my vanity has just
went and sunk another ship, which has me on the harbor
getting ravaged by the water of the sorrow that I’m in
I wanna roam, but I ain't trynna pay for it
I'm in a zone, trynna find my way forward


Track Name: Best Thing Since
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Best Thing Since feat Mr. Slicedbread
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I swear I'm the greatest
This goes out to all the A list rappers on your playlist
The labels that enslave them and the women that betray them
The dads who didn't raise them *Phuk U*
Who got the rap fiends tweakin, the black teens tweetin
how Prince and Slicedbread catch wreck most weekends
Cuz even tho the game got strained like Andromeda
Our hits are still playing thru the city on ya monitors
Didn't see that my ability to write
could lead to different heights unattainable by pipes
blunts, or vaporizers, now the Prince is wiser
rappers get your mics up, and let's go bar for bar
like were comparing coverage or we're up in Fanuel Hall
Ill battle ya in public if ya have the fucking gall
Cuz we the best thing since Jedi Mind Tricks
ripped through in 96' its Slice and Dark Prince bitch!

[Dark Prince]
With a pen, I’m like a violinist with some strings
penning hits quicker than Miri-Ben
My flow is the bow that I weave with control
bringing prose from my soul that you feel in your skin
Think again if you think you can win
I could drown the whole globe if I spit of a whim
Microphone master, make my women bow down
A halo sits up on my head don't need the fucking crown now
The game is full of clowns now
I'm stepping on their shoes, roughing up their paint
Popping their balloons, there's no smiles now
Prince is outta town now, ya should come and visit
His residential is seven levels above ya lyrics
I'm detrimental with leaded pencils given out inklings
of how sickening Prince is, all ya niggas finished
I just want that throne, fuck ya toys and cars
Call me D. Jones nigga, Roy or NaS, ya boys a God
Track Name: You Aint Goin Nowhere
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: You Aint Goin Nowhere
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
To all the women in the spot who sexy and hot
Allow me to rock this microphone right in ya dome
I know I'm known to just bone and then I roam
like Caligula, cuz every time I hit ya on ya phone
Im just trynna come and pick ya up so we can fishbowl
808s blasting, bowl passing, both laughing
then its like a track meet
as we both start kissing and sprint to the backseat
I guess we past freaks, we chimeras who wear our
hearts on our sleeves even though we both fear love
I swear ya all that I need in that night gloom
I like you, but my sun don't rise when your eyes do
just my circumcised prize giving you eyefuls
but you taking so long that its leaning like Michael
Ill tithe you, here, cab fare and directions
Now get your independent ass outta here, question

[Dark Prince]
The next night, Im up at Rumor mixing vodka and Kahlua
Wit my partners trynna holla @ sum mommas who would screw us
You'd think I was a mobster with my ascot so Improper
cuz u kno I'm a Bostonian, them other rappers phony men
caught up at the door cuz they need ID
while I'm with a couple whores up in VIP
And they cool, I'm in the mood like Ye and Kweli was
to stick and move some broads like Laila Ali does
Then she comes, Ms. Independent with like three duds
Looking like a diva, accentuated features
Now I'm so appalled that I had the gall to leave her
cuz Craig is in my ear saying she looks like a keeper
She was walking round' the club giving free hugs
to street thugs who got cheap rubs outta deep dubs
Now my face is greener like I just vaped seteva
or I was Dr. Banner, and she just got me peeved but

[Dark Prince]
Then I approached her and I told her
I was hoping we could talk for just a moment
but she said silence is golden
I told her all that glitters ellipsis, she said its
too late cuz her interest is finished, I think its
Crazy how it dwindled, these aren't words up on a Kindle
these are feelings of the heart, you can't just turn them off
she said don't even start with that smooth talk
You drew chalk around the bed before we stepped in it
And blew apart any new spark from beginning
Extinguished any semblance of a true love
and used lust just like some ammunition
and instantly proved you're not really different...
Track Name: Oh Yea
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Oh Yea
Typed by: DP

Ayo I came into this game trynna make myself a name
And I got a lil fame but the people say I changed
Oh yea (my bad) 4x
Ayo I came into this game trynna make myself a name
And I got a lil fame and it went straight to my brain
Oh yea (my bad) 4x

[Dark Prince]
What a wonderful sensation
when you feel the adulation of the crowd
and they ranting and they raving and they proud
the entire congregation likes the music that I’m making
so tenacious for my sound that they starting to get loud
My songs are always playing on the radio
and my video’s rotating on every TV station that’s around
Now my face is famous and on every publication
I tell all my tribulations and how I made it out,
Unow my status is a superstar
newer cars, newer broads, I am on a plateau
that nobody can move me from
I am supernatural, the game’s in a lasso
that I got it in, I am hotter than every other asshole
talkin bout they cash flow and how they always smash hoes
I mean, I swear I'd rather watch grass grow
while smoking on some hash slow
than listen to these wack flows spat at all these wack shows


[Dark Prince]
You know you popular when women wanna walk wit ya
And fame brings ya name to they brain, they'll talk wit ya
Market ya as their new man and offer ya
the sink in the kitchen but its filled with dishes
Mix this, with all the wack niggas in the bizzness
who mad at the fact that you rap so ridiculous
I mean the shit is, sorta unusual how my unruly flow
got fools trynna duel after school like I'm Yu-gi-mo
leave from the gore with my sword like they Rufio
Oh yea!
but umm Im the Pan-man no matter where I am
If I pack a van and move to Manhattan wit my friends
I would still be D., voice of the young
who came straight from the slums
now he's rap's number 1, please clap later
or thank me now young hater
You see, ya take ya honey & ya money
& ya hit the club to ball hard, but me
I beat ya ass, take ya cash, and laugh it off like Balrog
You more like Fei Long, you couldn't stay long
on any street that I fight on, or beat I go ape on
I might take on 10 men like Ip Man and straight break arms,
souls and wills
Cuz my techniques immortal and the flowing is skill, oh yea

Track Name: Negative to Positive
Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Negative to Positive
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I only got one shot so Ima drink up
& get inebriated by the moment til I make it
& my fame starts to pick up
My name starts to drift up your top ten polls
cuz whole world's sold on the words that I think up
Yea I'm on the brink of making it and taking this
shit to new heights til my eyes start to chink up
Maybe its the limelight, maybe its my weed pipe
that gives me what I need when I'm running through mc's
like robbers do, run up on your ice take it off of you
Leave you like the Heat in defeat from my arsenal
Crying in the locker room, Meanwhile I'm cruising
top seed at Mach speeds, I'm from MA
My pens kinda ruthless, your songs sound so fruitless
and foolish but you pricks confuse it with music
Take back your 2 cents, I got enough change in my rubric
to move this genre to new lengths
Father forgive them, please don't forsake them
Their voice ain't there own cuz the labels enslaved them
Maybe I'll save them, maybe I don't
Maybe they'll hate him, maybe they won't

Im not trynna preach but I got a message
that I wanna give the streets and I’m hoping they accept it
this is for the meek and the ones who feel dejected
neglected by society because of their perspective
Its not an accident the hood has crack in it
the hood has blacks, has gats, has traps in it
the hood has rats, has shacks, Big Macs in it
addicts, pimps, savages and children all trapped in it
Its no coincidence the hood has tenements
with tenants who just drink a bit,
hit some piff, stick they wrists,
liquor stores, pimps and whores, niggas floss
unaware of the ignorant existence that they all living in
My resolution is to bring restitution with my revolution
I’m moving through hell seeking retribution
Fuck the mule, 40 acres and a stimulus
Gimme Malcolm, gimme Martin, gimme Pac and BIG
Sophia Stewart was the author of the Matrix
Black person makes something, white person rapes it
Red person owns a nation, white person takes it
"Colored people want a free world, whites segregate them"
I rap about my peoples struggles, try to elevate them
cuz society as a whole tries their best to denigrate them
So if you think that hip hop is shit, its your prerogative
But my people went from negative to positive and its all good...