Best Thing Since

from by Dark Prince

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feat. Mr. Slicedbread


Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Best Thing Since feat Mr. Slicedbread
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I swear I'm the greatest
This goes out to all the A list rappers on your playlist
The labels that enslave them and the women that betray them
The dads who didn't raise them *Phuk U*
Who got the rap fiends tweakin, the black teens tweetin
how Prince and Slicedbread catch wreck most weekends
Cuz even tho the game got strained like Andromeda
Our hits are still playing thru the city on ya monitors
Didn't see that my ability to write
could lead to different heights unattainable by pipes
blunts, or vaporizers, now the Prince is wiser
rappers get your mics up, and let's go bar for bar
like were comparing coverage or we're up in Fanuel Hall
Ill battle ya in public if ya have the fucking gall
Cuz we the best thing since Jedi Mind Tricks
ripped through in 96' its Slice and Dark Prince bitch!

[Dark Prince]
With a pen, I’m like a violinist with some strings
penning hits quicker than Miri-Ben
My flow is the bow that I weave with control
bringing prose from my soul that you feel in your skin
Think again if you think you can win
I could drown the whole globe if I spit of a whim
Microphone master, make my women bow down
A halo sits up on my head don't need the fucking crown now
The game is full of clowns now
I'm stepping on their shoes, roughing up their paint
Popping their balloons, there's no smiles now
Prince is outta town now, ya should come and visit
His residential is seven levels above ya lyrics
I'm detrimental with leaded pencils given out inklings
of how sickening Prince is, all ya niggas finished
I just want that throne, fuck ya toys and cars
Call me D. Jones nigga, Roy or NaS, ya boys a God


from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Mr. Slicedbread




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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