In The Zone

from by Dark Prince

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Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: In The Zone
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I can be aggressive like Artest is when im stressin
Ill punch a nigga in the face until I get ejected
I'm sick and tired of this place Im looking for the exit
cuz depression feels like outer space and it seems so endless
It feels like Im drowning and I don’t think I'll make it
Til God passes me the cup but I don’t wanna take it
Cuz life is so abrasive that the pain becomes invasive
& the moment that you own it ure controlled & can't escape it
I wanna roam, but I ain't trynna pay for it
I'm in a zone, trynna find my way forward

I know ya probably out there wondering where's Vladimir
But he's ok, he's just on another stratosphere
So if you hit him on his phone and you get a dial tone
Don't worry, he's just chilling in his zone

Im in the zone homie leave me alone
and if you see me or you meet me nigga greet me and go
I'm too uneasy, if you need me you can reach at home
Cuz when I be up in the zone Im defensive and cold
Uh, yea, I'm defensive and cold
cuz when I be up in the zone I'm defensive and cold

[Dark Prince]
I can't even keep a 9-5 before I lose it in a day or two
or keep a girl cuz I always gotta chase a few
Plus I'm hooked on weed so I gotta cop an eighth or two
and take a few hits after work when my day is thru
Can't fight this feeling cuz I seem to always lose
And anytime I'm willing I succumb to the abuse
It feels like there's a noose, surrounding my emotions
Pulling tighter til I'm choking and my heart is black and blues
I'm on a cold train (Coltrane) to work, unaware
of where my life's going, listening to John Mayer
Sick and tired of despair and my unanswered prayers
Trying hard not to fail but I can't control the fear
And all these 9-5s have me breaking out in hives
cuz I only got a life so I gotta do it right
I think of all my plight and how I really wanna make it
I'm hoping that this microphone can put my stars adjacent
to one another, I don't wanna be up in the basement
of my mother's house, like a slouch, waiting & complacent
I wanna roam, but I ain't trynna pay for it
I'm in a zone, trynna find my way forward



[Dark Prince]
Set adrift on memories of bliss
as I sit and reminisce on the chicks I used to kiss
most of them I tricked til I kicked them to the curb
even though I gave my word that we’d never ever split
Now I’m on the brink of insanity and think
that the man in me is shit cuz my vanity has just
went and sunk another ship, which has me on the harbor
getting ravaged by the water of the sorrow that I’m in
I wanna roam, but I ain't trynna pay for it
I'm in a zone, trynna find my way forward




from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Dirk Dizzler




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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