Negative to Positive

from by Dark Prince

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Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Negative to Positive
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I only got one shot so Ima drink up
& get inebriated by the moment til I make it
& my fame starts to pick up
My name starts to drift up your top ten polls
cuz whole world's sold on the words that I think up
Yea I'm on the brink of making it and taking this
shit to new heights til my eyes start to chink up
Maybe its the limelight, maybe its my weed pipe
that gives me what I need when I'm running through mc's
like robbers do, run up on your ice take it off of you
Leave you like the Heat in defeat from my arsenal
Crying in the locker room, Meanwhile I'm cruising
top seed at Mach speeds, I'm from MA
My pens kinda ruthless, your songs sound so fruitless
and foolish but you pricks confuse it with music
Take back your 2 cents, I got enough change in my rubric
to move this genre to new lengths
Father forgive them, please don't forsake them
Their voice ain't there own cuz the labels enslaved them
Maybe I'll save them, maybe I don't
Maybe they'll hate him, maybe they won't

Im not trynna preach but I got a message
that I wanna give the streets and I’m hoping they accept it
this is for the meek and the ones who feel dejected
neglected by society because of their perspective
Its not an accident the hood has crack in it
the hood has blacks, has gats, has traps in it
the hood has rats, has shacks, Big Macs in it
addicts, pimps, savages and children all trapped in it
Its no coincidence the hood has tenements
with tenants who just drink a bit,
hit some piff, stick they wrists,
liquor stores, pimps and whores, niggas floss
unaware of the ignorant existence that they all living in
My resolution is to bring restitution with my revolution
I’m moving through hell seeking retribution
Fuck the mule, 40 acres and a stimulus
Gimme Malcolm, gimme Martin, gimme Pac and BIG
Sophia Stewart was the author of the Matrix
Black person makes something, white person rapes it
Red person owns a nation, white person takes it
"Colored people want a free world, whites segregate them"
I rap about my peoples struggles, try to elevate them
cuz society as a whole tries their best to denigrate them
So if you think that hip hop is shit, its your prerogative
But my people went from negative to positive and its all good...


from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Mr. Slicedbread




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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