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Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Oh Yea
Typed by: DP

Ayo I came into this game trynna make myself a name
And I got a lil fame but the people say I changed
Oh yea (my bad) 4x
Ayo I came into this game trynna make myself a name
And I got a lil fame and it went straight to my brain
Oh yea (my bad) 4x

[Dark Prince]
What a wonderful sensation
when you feel the adulation of the crowd
and they ranting and they raving and they proud
the entire congregation likes the music that I’m making
so tenacious for my sound that they starting to get loud
My songs are always playing on the radio
and my video’s rotating on every TV station that’s around
Now my face is famous and on every publication
I tell all my tribulations and how I made it out,
Unow my status is a superstar
newer cars, newer broads, I am on a plateau
that nobody can move me from
I am supernatural, the game’s in a lasso
that I got it in, I am hotter than every other asshole
talkin bout they cash flow and how they always smash hoes
I mean, I swear I'd rather watch grass grow
while smoking on some hash slow
than listen to these wack flows spat at all these wack shows


[Dark Prince]
You know you popular when women wanna walk wit ya
And fame brings ya name to they brain, they'll talk wit ya
Market ya as their new man and offer ya
the sink in the kitchen but its filled with dishes
Mix this, with all the wack niggas in the bizzness
who mad at the fact that you rap so ridiculous
I mean the shit is, sorta unusual how my unruly flow
got fools trynna duel after school like I'm Yu-gi-mo
leave from the gore with my sword like they Rufio
Oh yea!
but umm Im the Pan-man no matter where I am
If I pack a van and move to Manhattan wit my friends
I would still be D., voice of the young
who came straight from the slums
now he's rap's number 1, please clap later
or thank me now young hater
You see, ya take ya honey & ya money
& ya hit the club to ball hard, but me
I beat ya ass, take ya cash, and laugh it off like Balrog
You more like Fei Long, you couldn't stay long
on any street that I fight on, or beat I go ape on
I might take on 10 men like Ip Man and straight break arms,
souls and wills
Cuz my techniques immortal and the flowing is skill, oh yea



from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Dirk Dizzler




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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