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Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Replay
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
The night is cold and I'm so all alone
Sitting in my home, staring at my microphone
Thinking of the throne and the fact that its vacant
If only I can make it, ill be the King's replacement (Dark Prince)
Am I too old to give the game some new prose?
Am I too bright to knock out just a few lights?
Just gimme 5 mics, I'm breaking out this hive like
Flow like a butterfly, sting like I'm Lonnie Lynn
Bring ya favorite rapper to my ring and ill body him
and snatch his mic with his hand still holding it
Grab him by his throat and pinch then just dispose of him
"The golden child closed them in wit more style then them older men"(NaS)
Think up a strategy to challenge me, ill happily
tie both my hands behind my back blindfolded & just rap for weeks
And let the bars rape him, ill let Allah take him
I'm just a czar taking a shit on the throne, waiting

[Dark Prince]
But I'm not trynna battle, ill give ya fill of cattle
on this album but for now I'm trynna bring us outward
I sit and ponder and think that were goners
if these young kids with dumb hits fill up our genre
No sense of honor or fear of karma
Get low off marijuana then try to harm ya
The games full of clowns with fake smiles and black faces
A bunch of coons and buffoons who act on rap stages
They brought their soul to the devil and used it as a payment
I brought my soul to a temple and begged the Lord to save it
And now the flow is sacred, I'm ready to show my greatness
But I ain't getting on my knees to fucking blow to make it
I'll stick my sword thru my feet to stand for my beliefs
and if I meet defeat ill grit my teeth and just prepare to face it
Cuz I dont know what fate is I just know I can't escape it
So I guess ill just embrace it cuz I know the fans will play this

[Dark Prince]
Each day MCs make the same songs over
It hurts to hear, I fear they taking our culture
in a direction that wasnt destined by our elders
cuz i distinctly remember when Preme was on
When Doug was Fresh and Run DMC was strong
the seamless bond between soul and beat is lost
Swapped for greed to feed Mcs at costs
that auction off their souls for a piece and watch
Chained by the flow, which only promotes the pain
constrained by the flow, cuz all of the corporate lames
The fames overrated I negate it chose to walk
the path of pride to try and resurrect hip-hop
So let my shit knock nigga, and put it on Replay


from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Mr. Pandemyk




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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