Slice of Life

from by Dark Prince

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Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: A Slice of Life
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
I came into this game wanting more fame than Puff
Then I realized Puff fame ain't enough
Cuz after all the models cumming to sip and swallow
I'll still be just as hollow as the bottles that they drunk
Room smelling like a skunk, mom saying clean it
doesn't know I'm weeded most days in the month
It ain't like I'm feindin, I just feel I need it
But one day ima leave it though I'm not in any rush
except the one it gives me, never liked being tipsy
We fighting if you diss me but you niggas couldnt hit me
beat me or defeat me cuz I moving just like Sweet Pea
and speaking so uniquely over instrumentals CDs
This goes out to Didi, Young Kerv and Dimi
My brothers in the struggle, know I love u, if u need me
ya know how to reach me better than the ones who teach me
Sorry I meant taught me, cuz I preferred to teach me
Couldn't pay tuition, cost of living started building
and I couldn't get assistance cuz my credit scored too poorly
So I left college shortly and I crept right out the cave
Shattered all the shackles, made the shadows run away
Now the truths apparent, I do this for my parents
who all my life worked at night just so we can manage
Roaches on the floor when I crept in after dawn,
mice moving back and forth in the ceiling, I can hear em'


from @whoisDarkPrince EP, track released January 15, 2012
Produced by Mr. Slicedbread




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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