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feat. Judge1, Dirk Dizzler


Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: Tool Up feat. Judge1
Typed by: DP

Live on set, live when I’m in the deck
Push power, flex…cuz we’re coming next
Jewels buried deep, marked with an X
Unearthed the hot Sh*t, y’all ain’t ready yet
My flames scorch the surface & burn with purpose
So f*ck who you earn with, spit some words, kid
Globe-trot bangin’ beats, you pop & lock and still claim U street… please stop
Team stomps, with no breaks, it’s straight business
And the base hits, shaking, move buildings
Guard your heart, guard women & children
The effect high, the best at word-dealing
I Hulk-crush you with this mind-muscle
Dark Prince rolls… Dizz tracks cut you
Get a little taste of some fine seasons
You lifted… trippin’ like you’re dreamin’
Reality is where that beast comes in
I’m schemin’ on life, tool up if you’re nice
Blinded by the lights, but it don’t sound right
Man, MUSIC…it don’t take Sh*t to do it
My mind and pen…be the blueprint..

[Dark Prince]
I think about a slaughter when I think about the game
I think about the horror but I think about the fame
I think about the pain, I feel it's made to order
I try to move beyond it, I just wanna wade
in the water ona different echelon or plane
Aloft, I'm off, to terrorize your train, of thought
at costs that jeopardize your name
Ill bash you niggas in
Blast you niggas thin
I run around amazed at the fact you niggas spit
But I don't get enraged I just craft some iller hits
My minds a syndicate of crime that's literate
and I don't think the words you shout
that be coming out ya mouth really hold some clout
Folk tales of ya coke sales, lying bout
ya chrome wheels or your hoe tales
in them hotels
then your hoe tells the world, now she's famous
Unless you put a gag on her mouth just like Ye' did
Too many gay actors rapping and shit
Ya hits flake cuz ya spit fake, acting and shit
Wild guess here,
you call me when you grow some fucking chest hair
I'm something like Michael, you can pick anyone
I'm sorry but ya moneys young and I don't fuck wit jail bait
You mimic what you think is fun a gimmick with a fanbase
I'll kick you til you're pissing blood and
punch you til my hand breaks
Uh, I'm something like Ray
Robinson I'm dominant and knocking out my prey
Honestly I'm ominous I hide above the stage
Phantom of the opera throwing tantrums on the page
Seek asylum in the beat, let the world see that I'm sane.


from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Dirk Dizzler




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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