You Aint Goin Nowhere

from by Dark Prince

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Artist: Dark Prince
Album: @whoisDarkPrince EP
Song: You Aint Goin Nowhere
Typed by: DP

[Dark Prince]
To all the women in the spot who sexy and hot
Allow me to rock this microphone right in ya dome
I know I'm known to just bone and then I roam
like Caligula, cuz every time I hit ya on ya phone
Im just trynna come and pick ya up so we can fishbowl
808s blasting, bowl passing, both laughing
then its like a track meet
as we both start kissing and sprint to the backseat
I guess we past freaks, we chimeras who wear our
hearts on our sleeves even though we both fear love
I swear ya all that I need in that night gloom
I like you, but my sun don't rise when your eyes do
just my circumcised prize giving you eyefuls
but you taking so long that its leaning like Michael
Ill tithe you, here, cab fare and directions
Now get your independent ass outta here, question

[Dark Prince]
The next night, Im up at Rumor mixing vodka and Kahlua
Wit my partners trynna holla @ sum mommas who would screw us
You'd think I was a mobster with my ascot so Improper
cuz u kno I'm a Bostonian, them other rappers phony men
caught up at the door cuz they need ID
while I'm with a couple whores up in VIP
And they cool, I'm in the mood like Ye and Kweli was
to stick and move some broads like Laila Ali does
Then she comes, Ms. Independent with like three duds
Looking like a diva, accentuated features
Now I'm so appalled that I had the gall to leave her
cuz Craig is in my ear saying she looks like a keeper
She was walking round' the club giving free hugs
to street thugs who got cheap rubs outta deep dubs
Now my face is greener like I just vaped seteva
or I was Dr. Banner, and she just got me peeved but

[Dark Prince]
Then I approached her and I told her
I was hoping we could talk for just a moment
but she said silence is golden
I told her all that glitters ellipsis, she said its
too late cuz her interest is finished, I think its
Crazy how it dwindled, these aren't words up on a Kindle
these are feelings of the heart, you can't just turn them off
she said don't even start with that smooth talk
You drew chalk around the bed before we stepped in it
And blew apart any new spark from beginning
Extinguished any semblance of a true love
and used lust just like some ammunition
and instantly proved you're not really different...


from @whoisDarkPrince EP, released January 15, 2012
Produced by Berdz




Dark Prince Boston, Massachusetts

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